Our PortfoliO

Aura pioneers web3 NFT infrastructure, prioritizing customization and social commerce for a superior web2 experience like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Offers seamless payment integration and developer support across diverse verticals.


RootPe, a programmable payment platform, built on harnessing cutting-edge technologies like DLT and Generative AI, RootPe is crafting a dynamic financial ecosystem, providing the foundational stack upon which a myriad of scalable fintech ventures can flourish.


Silence Laboratories integrates cryptography, sensing, and design for seamless authentication. Their decentralized MFA and MPC-based threshold signature solutions address B2B authentication challenges with a proof-based approach.


Fold securely connects to users Bank accounts and gives a clear picture of their finances. So that users can make better decisions and lead a healthier financial life.


Gullak automates users savings in a 100% secure way. They make it extremely easy for users to save small amounts daily and invest it in wealth-creating assets like gold to meet all respective long term financial goals.


Koshance, a crypto finance platform, emphasizes security and accessibility. With MPC-based wallets ensuring robust protection and seamless account recovery, it streamlines financial operations and portfolio monitoring for efficient team functioning at scale.


Movement is a modular framework for building and deploying Move-based blockchains, applications, and infrastructure in any distributed environment.


A Neobank for the new age business with regulatory licenses offering features like budgeting tools, instant spending notifications, and facilitates global transactions.


Nocturne is a privacy-first smart contract wallet for EVM chains compatible with existing protocols and tokens. Nocturne allows users to transact on Ethereum as usual, safeguarding their address and net worth.


Stackr Labs is a unique modular rollup SDK that empowers developers to build micro-rollups using general-purpose programming languages. The company aims to break down barriers between web2 and web3, making rollups accessible for all.


Monk is a smart teammate that architects, builds and optimizes users running app. It brings a collective DevOps intelligence to the system. AI driven but always on the respective user’s terms.


NodeKit SEQ is a decentralized shared sequencer built into a custom L1 blockchain, enabling rollups to decentralize their sequencer and enhance cross-rollup interoperability.


"There is no such thing as the right place, right time. You have to be in the right place for a sufficiently long time so that when the right time hits, you are there."

There is no shortcut to persistence. Of course, you need the right
problem space, opportunity, money, etc. But you really need to
basically not give up.